HMA offers hospital and healthcare managers the opportunity to learn specific tools and techniques to do their jobs better, in an environment of quality learning and networking with peers.

Key to this process is the staging of how-to, skills-related workshops, run only by experienced professors and industry experts. It is also an essential part of the “product” that participants are given sufficient and good choices of workshops to attend. The marketing promise is: Worldwide Hospital Management Thinking and Experience.

Benefits of Hospital Management Asia:

  • Successful healthcare strategies
  • Proven patient-care and risk management techniques
  • Quality standard tips
  • Hospital management trends and more!

If it can help you be a better and more efficient hospital executive, you will definitely discover it at the Hospital Management Asia, the region’s premier learning conference and exposition for hospital managers and healthcare professionals.

Specially designed to meet your needs in a unique two-day format, the Hospital Management Asia (HMA) will bring you up-to-date on the full range of professional solutions that will increase your productivity and improve the quality of your hospital’s products and services.  Elements include:

1. Concurrent Workshop Sessions

HMA will present special interest sessions in eight subject tracks. Delegates will choose from no fewer than 40 information-packed workshops and round table discussions led by a team of academicians from institutions in Europe, U.S. and Asia, as well as top practitioners and industry experts from all over the region. You will cover the hottest topics in hospitals and healthcare today, in patient safety, risk management and management systems and discover solutions to your toughest professional challenges.

2. Special Plenary Briefings

Four special plenary presentations will be conducted during the event. These identify the hospital management trends and innovations of the times, and the implications for hospital managers in Asia.

3. Management Forum for CEOs

HMA presents a major forum on critical issues facing Hospital CEOs. (Only Chairmen, Presidents, CEOs, VPs, GMs, and senior executives may attend) Find out what other CEOs have to say. Share your insights with your peers

  • Professional presentation
  • Experienced moderator
  • Interactive discussions

4. Health Leaders Summit

Local and regional health leaders from both the private and public sector attend a special session. A round-table discussion takes place on topics that concern the industry.

5. Networking opportunities with international delegates and experts

Hundreds of hospital and healthcare professionals, technology experts, and leading medical product providers from around the world will attend HMA. Meet and interact with peers, experts, and vendors from different backgrounds and countries. Networking opportunities include:

  • Grand Welcome Reception
  • Pre-arranged meetings
  • Complimentary lunches at the food hall
  • Energy breaks at the Expo Hall
  • Make sure someone from your hospital is there to network.

6. Ceremonies of the Asian Hospital Management Awards

Witness the exciting presentation of the coveted Asian Hospital Management Awards. Awards will be given in 11 categories. Come and discover who won and why! The mission of the Asian Hospital Management Awards is to recognize and promote best hospital management practices in the region. Awards are given annually for outstanding projects.

7. Healthcare solutions at the Expo Hall

In the Hospital Trends Expo hall, you’ll explore the latest products and services that are revolutionizing the hospital industry. Industry-leading suppliers will show you hundreds of ways you can reduce costs, manage risks, improve patient safety and increase productivity and efficiency of your department. From hospital software to the latest medical equipment, we’ve got it all for you!

8. Fellowship Night

“A wonderful evening of camaraderie and fun!”

Attend the fellowship night and experience a very special networking event. A unique feature is a quiz session on how well you know the delegates and the hospitals they represent. Win lots of raffle prizes if you can answer questions like these:

  • Who is the oldest among the delegates?
  • What is the ratio of private to public hospitals in your country?
  • Who was the first delegate to register?
  • Which hospital has the most number of beds?

9. Learn from top professionals and a faculty of training experts

Speakers are selected for their known expertise in the various workshop topics from around the world. You will benefit from the extensive experience of a faculty of professors, industry experts, and consultants who will conduct the workshops.

Should you have any question regarding speaking, sponsoring or attending Hopital Management Asia 2015, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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