Speaking Opportunities

Why speak at Hospital Management Asia?

  • If you have fresh ideas and perspectives to share with healthcare professionals
  • If you have insights that will bring healthcare and hospital managers up to date on the full range of professional solutions that can increase their productivity and improve the quality of their hospitals’ and their departments’ services
  • If you are an experienced presenter and industry expert that can focus on no-nonsense how-to, skills-related workshop
  • If you can make a contribution to the improvement of hospital service and increased patient safety at reasonable cost

...then come join us and speak at HMA 2016!

We are looking for dynamic personalities with a proven track record to join our panel of speakers. Speakers from outside the industry are also welcome if they have something of value to share.

We go out of our way to welcome senior hospital executives, heads and managers of the various hospital departments who will come and share their thoughts with the healthcare industry.

HMA Presentation Philosophy

The Speakers for this conference are pre screened and come highly recommended. When a speaker is invited, we carefully consider balance by sector (e.g. hospital executive or manager, industry expert, or academe) and by country – not to mention his/her experiences and their position in the organization.

Plenary and workshop presenters are requested that they agree not to make speeches but to be in a “teaching, sharing and interactive mode”. Some self-promotion of your organization, product or service are welcome as long as it is done peripherally and in good taste.

We would like our presenters to:

  • Keep their session(s) as interactive or as interesting as possible by way of caselets, quizzes, video showings, and good presentation aids.
  • Strictly follow the agreed topic and approach.
  • When appropriate to acknowledging our sponsors and partners.

Presenters can also help make the event memorable by attending all the social functions so that delegates can meet you in an informal setting. Once you have accepted and confirmed your participation as speaker, we hope that you are certain to come.

Why you should speak HMA

  • You will have a good audience wanting to interact and exchange ideas. The attendees are specifically there to learn  useful tools and have exceedingly high expectations of the speakers.
  • You will receive a “Presenter’s Manual” that has all the details and guidelines you need.
  • You will be kept posted with any updates and developments regarding the event on a regular basis.
  • You get a special executive briefing for speakers as to the attendance, arrangements, guests of honor and what to expect during a Speaker’s Power Dinner.
  • You are assigned a Program Assistant (PA) and moderator in charge of your session. The PA will be with you throughout your presentation. He or she knows how to operate the equipment, has spare copies, is in touch with the Secretariat, has cue cards, etc.
  • Rest assured, we have backup copies of your presentation. We pretest to make sure that technology does not thwart us.
  • You have our guarantee that it all works. We test everything else like lights and air-conditioning. The projectors are all pre focused, the microphones are tested and even the lighting level is pre-set.
  • You will even know the range of the number of people estimated to attend your session and their basic profile at least a few days before the event. This is based on a delegate poll we conduct.
  • Your presentation, unless specifically barred, will be posted online. It will also be tweeted and mentioned in our social marketing activities.
  • If you are a plenary speaker, we will have your voice/volume properly modulated with the sound system; make sure the podium and microphone height matches yours, that you have enough light to see your notes. You will be briefed on which podium you will use, meet the production crew briefly to know who is who so that your presentation materials will be cued properly.
  • Your profile is featured on the event website as well as in the onsite handbook.
  • By staying and joining the social cocktails and Gala dinner, you can better connect with the delegates and network with partners and sponsors.

Please however do not ‘sell’ your own product or company (except in good taste and peripherally.) Sticking to time allocations is a must.

Special note: We do not pay for speaker nor moderator fees. However we will work with you to provide you with opportunities to benefit from your participation. At a minimum, your registration is free. Subject to approval, we may selectively provide an additional delegate seat, an expo booth or book signing opportunities.  Overseas speakers, again selectively are sometimes offered accommodation.

Would you like to join our team of expert speakers?
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