Why Vietnam?

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together" - Dr Khue, General Director of The Vietnam Medical Service Adm dpt.

  • Population:  91 million   
  • Provinces:    63
  • GDP :             $5500 (PPP)

Vietnam is improving its healthcare delivery comparable to the same income level neighbouring countries. The Ministry of Health Vietnam has developed new strategies to reform the health care system. These are:

  • Provide universal and complete health coverage
  • Strengthen primary care
  • Implement family medicine
  • Innovative health financing and payment method and most importantly
  • Improving hospital quality to ensure good service to the people.

Major healthcare issues:

  • Low quality of service in primary healthcare
  • Overload in central and provincial hospitals
  • Increase high quality of care in high income groups

Investment areas:

  • Investment in private hospitals
  • Capital lending
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Management consultancy
  • Advising for hospital building and construction
  • Medical education
  • International grants

Hospital Network:

  • Public hospitals: 1250
  • Beds: 235, 800 
  • Private hospitals: 170
  • Beds: 13,600
  • Private clinics: 30,000

Medical Services:

  • Out patient: 140 million/year
  • In patient  : 14 million/year
  • Surgery     : 3 million/year
  • Health Insurance: 71% covered

"In 2013, Ministry of Health Vietnam issued a set of hospital quality standards. By 2014 these hospital quality standards were in place in all hospitals. In 2015 Ministry of Health Vietnam issued the NATIONAL ACTION PLAN on hospital quality improvement. Now is the time to learn from and share experiences with other hospitals in the region. We look forward to welcoming healthcare delegates from all over to, convene, interact and learn from each other at Hospital Management Asia 2016 in Vietnam" - Dr Khue, General Director of The Vietnam Medical Service Adm dpt.

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