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    • The Ministry of Health Vietnam vision is to foster a healthier nation with Safety – Quality – Equity, and to do this effectively, thereby contributing to national development. The Ministry of Health Vietnam believes in continuous improvement. A major focus is to make quality healthcare available to and affordable by the poor.

      For more information please visit: http://moh.gov.vn/sites/en-us/pages/home.aspx

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    • The International Hospital Federation (IHF) is an international not for profit, non-governmental membership organization.

      Our members are worldwide hospitals and healthcare organizations having a distinct relationship with the provision of healthcare. We provide them with a platform for the exchange of knowledge and strategic experience as well as opportunities for international collaborations with different actors in the health sector.

      Established in 1929 after the first International Hospital Congress in Atlantic City, USA as the International Hospital Association, it was re-named after the Second World War in 1947.  With its Headquarters in Geneva the IHF is constituted under the Civil Code of Switzerland. The IHF recognizes the essential role of hospitals and health care organizations in providing health care, supporting health services and offering education. Our role is to help international hospitals work towards improving the level of the services they deliver to the population with the primary goal of improving the health of society.

      For more information please visit: http://www.ihf-fih.org/

    • The Asian Hospital Federation (AHF) is an international non-governmental organization, supported by members from 14 countries in the Asia Pacific Region. Founded in 1971 it aims to encourage networking and achieve the highest attainable standards of hospital management in the region.

      For more information please visit: http://www.asianhospitalfederation.com

    • Association of Healthcare Providers (India) represents the vast majority of healthcare providers in India. It works as “not for profit” organization. It educates to its members and at the same time advocates with the government, regulatory bodies and other stakeholders on issues, which have bearing on enabling its member healthcare organizations in delivering of universal healthcare conforming to patient safety protocols to the society and community. 

      For more information please visit: www.ahpi.in

    • The Association of Private Hospitals of Malaysia (APHM) was established in 1972. It is the sole association representing private hospitals in Malaysia with current membership of 125 out of 220 licensed private hospitals. One of the core objectives of APHM is to develop and maintain a uniformly high standard of patient care, skills, services, and professionalism in its member hospitals. 

      For more information please visit: http://www.hospitals-malaysia.org

    • Astron Hospital & Healthcare Consultants & Astron Institute of Social Sciences, India is a professionally managed consultancy organization specializing in the field of Design and Planning of Healthcare Organization (Medical, Dental & Nursing Schools & affiliated institution), Public Health and Quality & Accreditation. Astron through Astron Institute of Social Sciences has initiated academic and skill development programs. 

      For more information please visit: http://www.astronhealthcare.com/

    • China International Health & Medical Tourism Association (CIHMTA) Is Greater China Leading International, Cross-border Health Tourism and Medical Tourism Industry Platform. 


      CIHMTA brings together the leading providers, major stakeholders in Global and Greater China healthcare industry / travel industry to help create a high quality, ethical and economically sustainable cross-border China Health & Medical Tourism industry. 


      CIHMTA devotes to set up a distinguished bridge for all the stakeholders in Global cross-border health & medical tourism Industry and work together to make China the World's Leading Health & Medical Tourism Destination and the BEST strategic partner.

      For more information please visit: http://www.cihmta.com/

    • Consortium of Accredited Healthcare Organizations (CAHO) is an association of all accredited hospitals and laboratories in India. We are on Board of NABH representing accredited healthcare organizations. One of the main objectives of CAHO is sharing of best practices among healthcare organizations and to help them in the journey of continuous quality improvement. 

      For more information please visit: http://www.caho.in

    • Ho Chi Minh City Medical Association (HMA) is a socio-professional organization that rallies medical workers, at college and university level, living and/ or working in Ho Chi Minh City. HMA was founded in 1978 and is currently a member of Ho Chi Minh City Union of Scientific and Technological Associations and Vietnam Medical Association. The mission of HMA is to advance scientific research and application of technologies in the field of medicine in order to upgrade professional competencies of its members. Besides, HMA encourages and motivates its members to abide by good medical practice according to the laws in force, promote medical ethics with the aim of preserving and enhancing the prestige and credit of the medical profession. HMA also acts as an officially recognized body to protect the legitimate and legal rights of its members in front of the law and public opinion. 

      Today HMA comprises 66 association members which are medical specialty societies, with over 23,000 members working in different medical fields in Ho Chi Minh City. Besides, HMA has one affiliated organization, which is the Medical News Journal.

      For more information please visit: http://hoiyhoctphcm.org.vn/index.php

    • The Hospital Authority is a statutory body established on 1 December 1990. It is an independent organization accountable to the Government to manage all public hospitals in Hong Kong. The Authority currently manages 42 public hospitals / institutions with over 27,400 hospital beds; 47 specialist outpatient clinics and 73 general outpatient clinics. It employs more than 70,000 staff. 

      For more information please visit: http://www.ha.org.hk

    • Indonesian Hospital Association Mission: Fight for the interests of PERSI members all through the related rank: the government, private enterprise, and the community; Form and develop networking between the members and information technology; Increase professionalism in the hospital management towards a health community; Carry out the strategic alliance that will increase the quality of the members of PERSI.

      For more information please visit: http://www.pdpersi.co.id

    • Indian Health Care Quality Forum (IHCQF), founded by Dr. Yash Paul Bhatia is a not-for-profit organization whose sole objective is to promote concepts of quality management in healthcare in India. The forum aims to bring together professionals in the field of drawing inspiration and adapting features from industries worldwide.

    • The Japan Hospital Association (JHA) is a broad-based membership organization, in which all national hospital management organizations participate, comprising 2,432 member hospitals (as of October 24, 2015). The JHA defines the code of conduct for hospitals and hospital workers, constantly encourages self-improvement, and strives to improve medical ethics. 

      For more information please visit: http://www.hospital.or.jp/e/

    • Founded in 1959, the Korean Hospital Association has accompanied the nations adversities and glorious moments with its medical services, and it has advanced the development of the healthcare industry in the areas of medical research, education for health care leaders, and as a source of information on health care issues and trends. I promise that the KHA will put all its strength into the development of the healthcare industry and the improvement of public health during this 21st Century of global competition. 

      For more information please visit: http://www.kha.or.kr

    • Myanmar Private Hospitals’ Association (MPHA) is National level registered Non Governmental Organization founded in 2012 with hundred of member hospitals. Objectively to raise the standard of healthcare service, to provide public requirement more effectively by reciprocal unity and collaboration with non-governmental organizations, news and periodical groups within the country and abroad. MPHA was acknowledged by Asian Hospital Federation (AHF) as member in July 2013. 

      For more information please visit: www.mphassociation.org

    • The Philippine Hospital Association's almost 2,000 member-hospitals bring honor to the country as many of the members are recognized to rank among the best medical centers in the world. The PHA is an organization that, in its 66 yrs of existence, has provided valuable support to its member-hospitals. Its leadership is guided by its Mission of L.E.A.P.- Leading, Enabling, Assisting and Protecting Hospitals Towards Quality Service. It's activities are marked with 

      For more information please visit: http://www.pha.org.ph/

    • Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines (PHAPi) Administrators of several private hospitals convened and decided to form an association of private hospitals nationwide on March 13, 1979 that will properly address the problems of the industry. PHAP will serve its members through being an advocacy platform, an educational and research resource, a liaison with Government and promoter of health care in the Philippines abroad. THERE ARE MORE THAN 500 MEMBERS OF THE PHAPi AS OF THE FIRST QUARTER OF 2012 AND WILL BE GROWING IN THE YEARS TO COME. 

      For more information please visit: http://www.phap-ph.org

    • The Private Hospital Association of Thailand represents 205 private hospitals all across Thailand with 66 in Bangkok. It aims to promote the unity of the private hospitals for collaboration and exchanging information. It also promotes members to certify their system of cares with ISO 9000, HA-Hospital Accreditation and JCI. Now more than 70 members got HA approved and 35 members got JCI accredited. 

      For more information please visit: http://www.thaiph.org

  • Media & PR Partners

    • BusinessWorld Online, the electronic version of the newspaper, maintains a niche class of readers — those who need focused, accurate, comprehensive and timely business news, analyses and features. While the core of BusinessWorld Online is composed of business-focused content, and while mid- to top-level business and government executives, as well as entrepreneurs and analysts make up the bulk of its readers, more than 70% of Business Online readers are not subscribers of the newspaper.  Hence, BusinessWorld Online readers represent the more technologically inclined users of BusinessWorld products and services.

      For more information please visit: http://www.bworldonline.com

    • CrowdReviews is a transparent online platform for determining which products and services are the best based on the opinion of the crowd. The crowd consists of Internet users which have experienced products and services first-hand and have an interest in letting other potential buyers their thoughts on their experience. CrowdReviews.com is driven by an algorithm allowing for both customers and providers of products and services to understand how the rankings are determined. The service can be used by potential buyers to learn more about their vendors prior to making a purchasing decision.

      For more information please visit: https://www.crowdreviews.com/best-hospitality-property-management-software

    • Healthcare Asia is the industry magazine serving Asia’s hospital owners, investors, administrators and policy makers that focuses on the running of healthcare organisations, both public and private, and discusses the policy issues that govern healthcare in the Asian region.

      Healthcare Asia covers current and most prevalent healthcare policies and trends in the region; the most significant healthcare issues around the administration and operation of hospitals; the latest equipment offered in the region, and more.

      For more information please visit: http://healthcareasiamagazine.com/

    • Healthcare Executive was born after Asia’s leading Healthcare Consultancy Establishment HOSMAC saw a demand for awareness of the Indian Healthcare Industry. A combination of years of expertise, gathering of best practices and customer experience supported by ground level customer experience resulted in a need to address the dearth of information available to help Healthcare industry leaders take decisions today. Healthcare Executive is aiming to empower the Executives of the Indian healthcare Industry with credible information to help them steer their organizations better. The Magazine intends to be the exclusive healthcare resource guide for ideas, strategies, technology and practice for Healthcare executives creating, leading, and transforming the Healthcare Scenario in India.

      For more information please visit: https://www.healthcareexecutive.in

    • In the realm of Healthcare industry, where innovation is rapid, Hospitals-Management stands adept at conceptualizing unique ideas relevant to the B2B space.

      Hospitals-Management is essentially a B2B online business and media platform that has under it wraps the largest global database of Healthcare buyers and suppliers.

      Hospitals-Management.com covers in-depth trends that shape industry dynamics and metamorphose global economics.

      With services like search engine optimization, social media marketing, product video showcase, e-mail marketing, e-newsletter sponsorship's, banner advertising, event marketing and micro-website within our platform, Hospitals-Management.com has created a recognition that spans over a global audience, thereby revolutionizing how businesses transact.

      For more information please visit: http://www.Hospitals-Management.com

    • Journal of Clinical Medicine (ISSN 2077-0383), is an international scientific open access journal, providing a platform for advances in health care/clinical practices, the study of direct observation of patients and general medical research. This multi-disciplinary journal is aimed at a wide audience of medical researchers and healthcare professionals.

      For more information please visit: Journal of Clinical Medicine

    • Language of Caring is a healthcare consulting firm owned by partners Wendy Leebov, Jill Golde and Dorothy Sisneros. This powerhouse trio shares a passion for reshaping healthcare organizations to become communities of caring that ensure an exceptional patient, family and team experience. We’ve served as healthcare leaders, organization development professionals, instructional designers, strategists, and coaches. And, we’ve enlisted and certified a talented, committed team of physician and nurse leaders, trainers and team-builders who serve our clients as coaches, strategy partners and facilitators.

      For more information please visit: http://www.languageofcaring.com/

    • Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQUA) was founded in 2009, is an independent international organization that develops and promotes the highest standards of excellence in delivering treatment and care to medical travelers and health tourists. MTQUA accredits hospitals, clinics, medical travel facilitators and service providers worldwide for safety and quality in support of treatment, care and services for medical tourists. The group annually issues the Top 10 World's Best Hospitals for Medical TouristsTM  and authenticates online testimonials via its Trust Seal.

      For more information please visit: https://www.mtqua.org/

    • The Indo Expat is a media and training company that applies psychology at the workplace. We focus on people management, leadership, and the performance of professionals in organizations. Subscribers to our online publication receive insights through informative articles on timely topics such as talent retention, staff engagement and managing for higher productivity. We are made up of industrial psychologists, journalists and corporate trainers. Our readers and contributors include medical doctors, lawyers, university lecturers, business leaders and selected individuals. We also provide corporate training to organizations for their teams to work more efficiently towards achieving their organizational goals and objectives. We are possibly the only company that can offer corporate training in the top three business languages English, Mandarin and Japanese.

      For more information please visit: http://www.theindoexpat.com/

    • MASSO (stands for Marketing Solutions) is founded in 2000 and led by a group of marketing professionals to provide professional marketing services and consulting. Our international marketing expertise and local knowledge make us top destination of branding, communications and marketing services for clients who are planning or doing business in Indochina markets.

      For more information please visit: http://www.massogroup.com/

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